Books, Books and More Books!!

Books, Books and More Books!!
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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Finally! Fleet of the Mage is out!!!

After the interruptions of life that have delayed the sequel to We are Not Prey for months longer than I wished, the Fleet of the Mage is now up on Amazon! This book continues the story of Ruth, torn from her home and transformed beyond her wildest dreams and nightmares.

Now living on the planet Arkken, with Lord Pawlik of Borachland, she must try to find her way in a new universe and foreign mixture of science and magic.

I hope that you will enjoy this book! I am even starting on the next one in the series on Monday!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

An Immortal Calling - Great book by another Phoenix Prime Author!

This book is a powerfully written and immersive story written by another Phoenix Prime author. It is addictive and will leave you demanding MORE! Check it out on Amazon!!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Hoping life settles down for a bit! Lots to publish!

Things have been more than hectic. I just got back from a conference and am struggling to deal with the physical challenges that accompany a mobility-challenged person traveling. It has delayed some important deadlines, but I am not planning on another trip for a LONG time. I will be publishing a few stories in the next few days, as I wait for the last bit of editing to be completed on Fleet of the Mage.

Thanks for your patience, and watch for lots of stuff in the next 4 weeks!

I do not dare travel for a bit. This is what was waiting for me when I came home!

Monday, October 9, 2017

Fleet of the Mage in Editing!!

Finally, the next book in the Unfettered Mage series is in editing. It has been a challenge to capture the complex world of Ruth on Arkken, and I will be going straight into the next book after a few days of break and the completion of the next Russian Witch book. I expect to have this published by the weekend since the cover is ready and I have people emailing me each day about WHEN!

Thanks for your encouragement, nagging, and support!

The question is - ARE YOU READY?

Friday, October 6, 2017

CyberWar: Byte Conflict has been released!

The second in the series of anthologies on cybercrime has just published. I was lucky enough to get a story in it and found myself wondering how you can keep people safe in this electronically connected world. Working as I do in areas that touch on security for my main job, I decided to write something that provides a human perspective on security and incursions.

I hope that you will enjoy the story and will appreciate the characters. I plan on writing more about them in the next anthology. However, right now I am frantically working on the last parts of Fleet of the Mage, the next book in the Unfettered Mage series, as well as the first major novel in the Badger Hole bar series and the next two books in the Russian witch series with TS Paul.

Seeing that list, I think I better get back to work!

Available on Amazon here, soon in print, also!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Busy time coming!

As most of you know, I have had a rough 4 months with extra load from my regular job. I do a lot with computer security and the recent challenges and attacks of the cyberwar have been making many people in the field work massive overtime. That has really messed up my writing schedule.

Things are looking a bit better now and I am going to be writing, writing, writing. The stories that are on my schedule are pretty exciting and I thought I would share the plan. First of all, I am working on the last part of Fleet of the Mage, the second book in the Unfettered Mage series. That is planned for completion in the next ten days and I am really excited about it!

I love this character and I have LOTS of stuff planned for her and her family, friends, and allies. This book picks up where the last one left off. I will be giving you a sneak peek at the cover in a few days!

The next on the agenda is a group of publications in the new universe of the Badger Hole Bar. We have already released several short stories in Eat and Read cookbooks, and another cookbook is planned for that one, with several full short stories in it. The first main book, Thru the Badger Hole will be out in the next ten days! It will be followed quickly by The Remembrance Wall and the Badger Hole Bar Grand Opening. I hope that you love this one as much as those of us that are writing in it do. It is fun, fun, fun!

The next full book will be in the Becoming Sephera series, which is the precursor series to A Learning Experience. that will be out before mid-October. Finally, Coven Codex is scheduled to release before the end of next month?

Tired yet? Stay tuned - there's more!

This time of year it is easy for me to write - my garden has beautiful flowers and the temps are uncomfortable and unpredictable. This is my writing inspiration right now. What inspires you?

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

New Book in the Shade of Honor Series - Familiar Trials - Fledgling

New On Amazon! The next book in TS Paul's Federal Witch World is my book about a side trip that Dascha, the dark-coated Russian Blue cat familiar takes to learn how she can become a better partner to her witch. I loved writing this story! It is full of action and the complex world of magic and relationships that populate TS Paul's worlds.

I hope that you enjoy it! Leave me a note if you have questions! Also, follow my FB page and get some of the snippets and interesting things that will be forthcoming in the other books this month!

Thanks for following me! Have Fun!!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Snippet from Coven Codex - New book in the Russian Witch Series of the Federal Witch World

Snippet two - Unedited and in active writing mode!!


To uncover the car, Zhanna had to first deal with a myriad of things that somehow always find themselves piled up on top of an empty surface. Mary had insisted that there was a car underneath the pile of miscellaneous items, but it was impossible to tell. The entire shed was packed with the flotsam and jetsam of life. Old tools, parts that could be used, raw materials, building components, and hay bales. The items that a frugal household would save against time of need.

All of that was camouflaging the shape and size of the vehicle that Mary had offered to Zhanna. The quiet widow had said that it was her contribution to the changes that Zhanna would make. Her generosity was overwhelming to the young witch, but she had gratefully accepted.

<< At least somebody thinks that you’re going to be making changes. Even though you have no clue what those changes are going to be. >>

<< Thanks, Dascha. Just what I need is a little more snark! >>

<< You’re welcome. It’s the least I could do considering that I can feel your mind running around in circles like a mouse that somehow got stuck in a ball. >>

Zhanna knew that Dascha was right. There were so many thoughts crammed into her head that they were fighting for space. It felt like she was trapped in the middle of a dust spinner, bombarded by ideas that refused to go together into any coherent whole.

This was uncharted territory. The young witch had no option but to take each step as she could figure it out. Hopefully, she would be able to start to plan and to think strategically in the near future. This feeling of unsurety, of feeling like she was spinning in place was not comfortable. All she could think of doing to improve the situation was to find small things that she could do and get them done. At least she wouldn’t have to worry about those later on.

Hence the vehicle. One of the problems that they had was the slowness of transport. After all, it had taken several days for Zhanna to travel to Blagogarsk. That slowness of travel in the 21st century was a big problem and was something that Mary had thought she could address.

So today Zhanna found herself in a cobweb-decorated, dusty and cluttered old outbuilding, excavating a buried vehicle. One with an unknown condition or value. However, every contribution would help her. No one in the village really was very wealthy. Families lived hand to mouth, sometimes forced to rely on the charity of neighbors. In such a poor environment, the fact that anyone would donate something was amazing. Something to be cherished.

The large vehicle was buried under the accumulation of odds and ends from over a half-century. Uncovering it was a tremendous effort. If only Zhanna and Mary had been working on it, unburying it would’ve taken them days. Showing an organizational skill that Zhanna had never suspected, Mary had asked for help from the village in general. Two of the mercenaries that were in town between assignments had volunteered to help. Willie and Mark were middle-aged and serious, veterans of many contracts. They had both worked with Zhanna’s brother and came in to help, silently and without looking her directly in the face. She wasn’t sure if it was guilt or something else but was simply pleased with their assistance.

The two mercs were joined by a young man that was not from the village. In fact, no one in the village had ever seen him before. He had arrived earlier that morning, walking in from the main road. His body showed the gangliness of teenage years. Looking a bit like a mobile scarecrow, he had jerky movements and hunched shoulders. His dark hair and eyes reminded Zhanna of others in the village, and he looked faintly familiar. She just couldn’t remember where she had seen him, but she was positive that she had seen him before.

His mumbled introduction had been simply his name, Ivan. He asked no questions. Instead, he got to work immediately and continued with a focused ferocity that surprised all of them. The two women were glad he was there because his efforts added to that of the mercs made sure that the job was done quickly. Every once in a while, Zhanna would look up to see that he had been watching her. His quickly shuttered expression of desperate hope made her uncomfortable, and she had hoped that he would say something to her about why he had come.

It had been several hours, and he had not said anything to her. However, he certainly knew how to work. With the five of them all doing what they could, it only took a couple of hours to dig out the vehicle so that the tarp could be pulled away.

Zhanna feared that after all this work that the vehicle was not going to be any good. Mary had insisted that the car was something that her great-grandfather had gotten as a reward for his mercenary work and that it should be in working order. Zhanna hoped Mary was right.

Finally, they were at the point where the vehicle was no longer buried, and the surrounding floor space had been cleared. It was time to see what they had.

<< If I had a horn, I would blow it. But since I don’t, I won’t. >>

<< Dascha! This is serious so stop trying to make me laugh. >>

Willie and Mark each grabbed a corner of the tarp and peeled it away from the car, like a banana skin being pulled off the fruit. In the dim light of the shed, they could all see the vehicle.

At first, Zhanna did not know what she was looking at. The car was massive, with dusty dark blue paint and chrome trim. The Russian-made Buick looked more like a tank than it did a modern car. But the glass windows were without defect, and even the paint seemed to be in good condition. Considering its age, it was better than she had any right to expect. Breathing a sigh of relief, Zhanna looked over at the other woman happily. Smiling tiredly, the young witch said, “It looks amazing! Thank you so much, Mary.”

Mary just nodded, offering up her own exhausted smile. The two women watched quietly as the three men dusted off the vehicle, closed opened valves, checked a variety of fluids, and added gasoline to the empty tank.

Dascha was watching these preparations with an unblinking stare and motionless pose. Turning her eyes to follow the cat’s intent gaze, Zhanna watched for a while before addressing her familiar, << It looks like some form of arcane ritual, complete with chanting. >>

<< A new spell of transportation? Not one I’m familiar with. >>

<< Oh dear, first snark now bad puns. >>

<< It’s a new skill. >>


The car had seen better days. It was filled with dust and anonymous debris gathered through decades of hidden existence. The three men had been extremely enthusiastic throughout the process. Zhanna had heard but never experienced before, the affinity men seemed to have for vehicles. It was on full display as the men exclaimed in the discovery of features and functions, happily analyzing the size and capability of the car.

The younger man, Ivan, was especially taken with the vehicle. His rather solemn face lit with enthusiasm and he became far more animated than when Zhanna had first met him. She was conscious of the fact that he kept glancing sideways at her when he thought that she wasn’t looking at him. Briefly, she wondered what it was that he saw or wanted.

<< It’s a bit curious. I don’t think he is particularly attracted to you, but he really wants to ask you something. I just can’t tell what. >>

<< I know, Dascha. I can almost feel a desperate need for an answer, but I don’t know what to do about that. It certainly isn’t because he’s attracted to me. >>

<< Da, I know. I’m sure he would want you to have his kittens, but that’s not what he’s thinking about. A cat can tell these things. >>

<< Really!? Sometimes you are just disgusting! >>

<< It’s a feature. >>

Before Zhanna could continue their discussion, the tone of the men’s conversation changed. There was a note of worry that crept into their voices. The young witch straightened up from where she had been leaning against the wall and walked over to them.

“Is there some sort of problem?” she asked.

Mark answered her quickly, “Almost everything looks good, Zhanna, but this car has been sitting for so long that it is possible that it may not start. We are going to try helping it to start with assistance from one of our cars to see if it is capable of running. Whoever wrapped it up was smart enough to drain the gasoline and most of the other fluids out of it, so we don’t have to deal with a big mess. We replaced most of them and we think it should start but the battery obviously is worn down by age and lack of use.”

Zhanna’s look of incomprehension encouraged him to continue talking. He smiled briefly and said, “I think it will run, and if it does then everything but one problem will have been solved.” The young witch tilted her head in inquiry, so he finally got to the point she wanted to know. “Its tires are too old. They are almost powdered. We cannot patch tires that are this flat or are this full of holes.”

Willie chimed in, “Let’s first see how the engine is. That would be the biggest problem, and if that works, we can then deal with the tires.”

Just then, there was a sputtering and a ragged response from the engine. Spinning in surprise, Zhanna and the two mercs saw that Ivan had climbed into the front seat and started the car. It ran raggedly at first but soon evened out and began to produce a powerful but muted roar. The men excitedly hurried over to talk with Ivan and look inside the hood of the idling car. Ivan had a broad smile on his face and was cheerfully responding to the two older men.

<< Zhanna? That boy is a witch. He helped the car to start, magically. >>

<< That’s an interesting twist. Now I really need to know what he wants from me. >>

<< I will watch him. >>

Willie called out to Zhanna, “It’s running really well. Now if we had good tires it would be all set.”

Zhanna thought for a moment. All of the practice that she been doing with the spell books from Blagogarsk had been pure practice and drill. She hadn’t done anything that was practical with the spells yet, and it worried her that she didn’t know how to apply the theory of the base spell to the reality of need. Perhaps this was the place where she could try something.

Taking a deep breath, she said, “I think I may know something to do. It may not work, but I think it’s worth a try.”

All three of the men stared at her, some in question, some in challenge.

Dascha asked, << Are you sure you want to try this? >>

<< I am not sure that I want to, but I think I need to. >>

“Mark, tell me what a sturdy tire would look like and its characteristics. I know nothing about cars, and I need to have an understanding of the tires before I can try a spell.”

Willie interrupted, saying, “I have never heard a spell that would do something with a tire. Are you sure this is something that you can and should be doing?”

Although she had expressed her doubts to Dascha, Zhanna was tired of putting up with disparaging remarks. She responded evenly and forcefully, “I think it’s a reasonable way of testing a spell. It’s one that I’ve learned recently, and this seems like a good place to try it out, providing that you two can tell me what a tire is supposed to be like. If you can’t tell me, I will find somebody else who can.”

Mark said placatingly, “I can certainly tell you what a tire is supposed to be. Just because we’ve never heard of a spell like the one you’re talking about, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. And I, for one, would be interested in learning useful spells if you find and test them out.”

It was obvious from the expression on Willie’s face that he didn’t necessarily agree but he wasn’t willing to confront Zhanna again right now. He simply stepped back with a skeptical look plastered all over his face, folded his arms across his chest, and waited.

Mark began to explain the use and shape of a car tire. He talked about the tire shape and that it was attached to the vehicle with bolts. He covered the desire to make the tire impermeable so that it did not easily go flat. He also explained that the tire outside was made of rubber. He stressed the need for sturdy tires that would not wear out quickly on rough roads. It was a very short introduction to a topic that he obviously loved, distilled down into only a few sentences for the young witch’s understanding.

Once Mark was done, Zhanna motioned the men away from the vehicle. She could feel the weight of Mary’s gaze on her back and the comforting presence of Dascha along their familiar bond. Mentally centering herself, Zhanna waited until she felt stable and subvocalized the words of the spell just like she had done in practice. Holding the shape and characteristics that Mark described in her mind, she gathered her will and intent, channeling them along her arms and through her open hands toward the car.

There was an explosion of light and a muffled sound. The car jerked and raised as the old tires were replaced with unflattened versions. The air resonated with a curiously muffled clanging sound that shivered through the spectator’s bones and rattled the walls of the shed.

All three men wore identical looks of disbelief on their faces. Willie slowly approached the vehicle as if he were afraid that it would either disappear or somehow attack him. He touched the fender of the car with a hand that shook slightly and bent over to examine the tire. Straightening quickly, face paled in surprise, he took one step back and spun in place to stare at Zhanna. “It looks like a new tire!”

Looking slightly calmer, Mark walked over to the vehicle. He didn’t bend down, but he looked at each of the tires in turn. After going around the vehicle once, he marched over to Zhanna, planting himself directly in front of her. He looked her in the face, half in entreaty and half in challenge. “They look perfect. Totally perfect.”

“I just tried to create the things that you had told me about,” responded Zhanna.

Mark stared at her wordlessly for an instant more before walking back to the car. Ivan had approached it while Zhanna and Mark were talking, carefully examining each of the tires in turn. As Mark rejoined him, Ivan addressed the older man, “There are no tire valves. How will we refill the tires?”

“Zhanna, how much air pressure did you put in the tires?” asked Mark.

“Air? You didn’t say anything about air!” answered Zhanna.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Snippet 01 - Unedited - Familiar Trials - Fledgling

This book in the world of the Federal Witch is one of those in final construction and editing right now. It is titled Familiar Trials - Fledgling and tells a story about Zhanna's familiar, Dascha. I hope that you enjoy it!

Snippet 01 -

There was no warning. The blow that compressed her body and made it impossible to breathe arrived with no betraying sound, no visual clue. Dascha was stunned into momentary paralysis. Her body hung limply, and her mind spun around her skull in confusion. She could feel her fur rippling as she was lifted up into the air. The small cat was helpless and afraid.

There were too many things that she had experienced before for her to stay coherent. Even though the talons of the bird held her firmly and without injury, Dascha could once again feel those earlier talons that had pierced her body and had caused her to bleed so badly that she had almost died. All of the fear and pain that she had felt on that long-ago day crashed into her mind, momentarily overwhelming her ability to think and plan.

Only a split second had elapsed when she moved past her stunned amazement. << Not this crap again! What is with these blasted birds? >> she thought as she twisted her lithe body into action. There was no way she was going down without a fight.

Stretching as far as she could, the small black cat attempted to sink her claws into the legs of the bird that held her. In the back of her mind, she was surprised that she knew it was a bird. There were flying reptiles and other things that were capable of swooping down and grabbing her, but she had known instantaneously that it was a bird.

It was all up to her. There would be no rescue from this attack. No flying savior. She needs to be able to do this for herself.

Spitting and yelling at the top of her lungs, Dascha was stopped cold by an amused comment from her captor.

<< You need to build up a little bit more muscle before that’s going to work. >>

<< Glenfrey! Why on earth did you grab me like that? >>

<< Because we need to talk and you don’t exactly get email, do you? >>

<< You could have just had Henley call Zhanna, you know. >>

<< This is not about witch business. This is stuff about familiars, and we don’t talk to our witches about familiar business. >>

Dascha turned that over in her mind for a short while, thinking through the ramifications and possible meanings for the things that Glenfrey had left unsaid. She noticed that the steppe eagle had begun to land on a rocky outcropping and held her questions until they were settled on the ground and she could regain her feet.

Standing up and walking on slightly shaky legs after Glenfrey had released her, the small black cat seated herself about 3 feet away from her friend. Carefully wrapping her tail around her paws, she looked over at the huge bird and waited for him to talk. The time she had spent with Glenfrey and his witch, Henley, had taught her that attempting to hurry the bird would simply lead to additional delays.

Shaking his wings out and then settling him across his back, Glenfrey brought first one eye and then the other to bear on Dascha. Of all the things that she could have thought that he would say, what came from him next was so far down her list that it didn’t even appear.

<< Why have you not joined the gathering? Are you not going to the trials? >>

<< What trials? >> she asked.

<< The Familiar Trials. The ones starting soon. Everyone is gathering by the gateway without you. 
Did the other familiars not tell you about this? >>

<< Glenfrey, there are no other familiars with any of the witches in the village or even in the villages around where Zhanna lives. >>

The large bird considered what she had said. His thoughts came slowly back, << No familiars. That sounds like it is a bigger problem than I thought. >>

<< What did you think the problem was? >>

<< I thought perhaps that you had managed to annoy the other familiars to the point that they weren’t telling you or bringing you to the trials. After all, you do have a bit of a mouth on you. >>

<< Ha! Who was the person who wanted to teach me how to be snarky? I’m simply applying the lessons that I’ve learned. >>

Glenfrey totally ignored her retort, instead choosing to answer a different question.
<< We can explore the whole issue of why there are so few familiars later. However, we need to hurry if you’re going to make it back to the gateway before it opens and closes. >>

Dascha stared at her friend. He was not fidgeting, he was not looking sleepy and inscrutable. In fact, as best she could read the expression of a different species, he looked concerned and perhaps even a bit worried.

<< What are the trials, Glenfrey? And why do you look worried? >>

<< The trials are how familiars get training and establish rank. They only happen sporadically, and there are a good bunch of instructors for this one. >>

The young cat watched as the eagle started to move uneasily from foot to foot. Deciding that she would not subject him to a cross-examination, Dascha simply asked, << How long do they last? And what do I tell my witch about why am leaving? >>

<< I just tell Henley that I need to go to a meeting of familiars so that my training can be kept up-to-date. He has no problems with that, and you can always tell Zhanna to call him if she wants more information. >>

<< <> >>

Dascha had adamantly refused to leave without telling Zhanna in person what she was doing. The flight back to Zhanna’s house was made quickly. Even so, Glenfrey had gotten more nervous and irritable during the trip. Dascha knew something else was going on but wasn’t exactly sure how to bring the subject up again.

Glenfrey landed heavily on a fence post that was part of the boundary to the garden of Zhanna’s grandmother. The older woman had been weeding the garden as they arrived. With no sign of nervousness or fear, she moved over to confront the eagle.

Standing less than a foot away from the dangerous beak of the large predator, the small but sturdily built woman gazed deeply into the eagle’s eyes. She held that gaze for just a moment before a slight smile appeared on her face, and she turned to address Dascha.

“We had better go talk to her right now. You will have to hurry to be on time.”

Now completely confused, Dascha followed the older woman into the house and through the hall to the large kitchen. Zhanna was seated at the kitchen table with books opened up in front of her and an intent look on her face. Hearing her grandmother’s footsteps, she looked up with a smile.

“I am almost done with my homework, Baba. Do you want me to help with supper?”

“Not yet, dear. I still have weeding to finish, but I think that Dascha needs to talk to you first.”

The young witch looked startled. Her eyes flew to her familiar, and she immediately went down on her knees reaching a hand out to the cat. << Is something the matter, Dascha? You could’ve called me, and I would’ve come! >>

<< No, everything is all right. Glenfrey came to tell me that I need to go to a meeting and it is one that I didn’t know about before now. I might need to be gone for several days, and I didn’t want you to worry. >>

Zhanna’s eyes grew a little bit wider, and her expression shifted to deeper alarm. << Is it something I did? Are you in trouble? >>

<< I’m not in trouble, at least that I know of. Well, unless you count the mice that I dropped into that mean girl’s bag at school. >>

<< You did that? Boy, was she mad. She screamed and ran and then was embarrassed. I hope that she doesn’t find out it was you. >>

In the background, there was a smothered laugh from the older woman, but Zhanna was focused on her familiar and ignored her grandmother.

<< Glenfrey says that you could call Henley if you’re worried about it but that it’s just something that happens once or twice a year. I think he really wants me to go because I’m so new at this and there are no other familiars in the village. >>

A wave of love and acceptance exploded from Zhanna through the familiar bond. Dascha felt like she was gently held and petted. She could feel the edge of worry underneath that wave that was Zhanna’s feeling of her own inadequacies in their partnership. Sending a mental purr back at her witch, the familiar tried wordlessly to reassure the person that she loved above all others of her faith and devotion.

The trembling smile that showed on Zhanna’s face was the only thanks that Dascha needed.


Coming soon!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

More Recipes from the World of the Federal Witch!

TS Paul and I just released another Eat and Read book with vegan and vegetarian recipes and two stories in the Federal Witch World. I had a great time with these recipes, including the dog treats. One of my dogs even tries to steal the treats from the others!

I hope you enjoy both recipes and the two stories. We had a blast putting this together and I hope it brings you hours of enjoyable eating and reading.

Look for the next cookbook coming out quickly! This one is a start of a new series and one that I think is a lot of fun!!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Snippet from Through the Badger Hole - coming soon!

Unedited snippet from Through the Badger Hole

Once more the left-hand door slammed open. Brechal, the bartender, looked up from where he was wiping off the top of the bar. Those looking at him rather than looking at the door would’ve seen that his eyebrows rose in surprise and he stopped in mid swipe. Most of the bar patrons had turned to stare at the door. They had barely finished assimilating the last couple of people that had come through the portal and here was another. It certainly was an exciting afternoon at the Badger Hole Bar!

Walking through the door was a young woman, dressed in slacks and wearing a jacket that said “FBI.” She took two steps into the room and stopped to look around. The door had closed noiselessly behind her unnoticed. Carrying herself with assurance well beyond the years displayed by her face and figure, the magic users in the room could tell immediately that this was a witch. And one of uncommon power. Despite the attractiveness of her dark, almost black hair and trim figure, none of the mercenaries made any move to approach her. Instead, the 20 or so patrons in the bar simply stared.

The room was motionless and quiet until muffled cries could be heard. Emanating from what appeared to be the jacket of the young woman, those closest could hear a demanding little voice yelling, “Let me out! I want to see!”

A wave of interest flew through the postures and expressions in the bar. Curiosity, alertness, hunger, all of these reactions were present. The woman’s gaze had marked for consideration each person that was in the bar and had only lingered momentarily on the more unusual forms. Reaching into the pocket of her jacket, she drew out a small blue-and-white animated form.

“Where are we? Why did we go through the weird door?”

“Quiet, Fergus.”

The small figure in the woman’s hand marched back and forth. Fascinated, one of the mercenaries leaned closer to see what type of small creature it was.

“Watch it, big guy! Come any closer, and I’ll skewer you with my horn!”

The large man drew back in surprise, “Gads Zug of the Hairy Beard! It’s a unicorn! And it talks!”

“Of course, I talk. Should I be surprised that you talk?” replied the little creature, straightening up and thrusting his chest out.

Before the conversation could go any further, Madrik came hurrying into the bar area. “Welcome to the Badger Hole Bar, please feel free to come in and sit down.”

The woman smiled in response, and said, “Thank you for the welcome. My name is Agatha, and my grandmother sends her greetings.”

Madrik responded, “Marcella’s granddaughter is always welcome. Please have a seat and allow me to bring you a drink.”

Whatever Agatha would have said in response was short-circuited as the spidercat dropped from the ceiling on an elastic strand of web to bob over Agatha’s hand.

“Ack! A monster!” was wrenched out of the throat of the small unicorn.

“Fergus! Watch out!” cried Agatha. She made an abortive grab for the small form just as he jumped frantically out of her hand to the floor.

Fergus dove under the chair closest to him but it was no bar to the spidercat. The 2-foot arachnid with the cat tail and face dropped to the ground in pursuit and scuttled toward Fergus. Multiple people tried to grab Fergus as he dodged and wove behind legs and other obstacles. They all missed as his deceptive speed, and his small size threw their reflexes off.

Finally, Fergus dashed across an open area of the floor. In the open space, the spidercat’s long legs were used to advantage, and it pounced. The arc of its jump was rudely interrupted by a battering ram in animal form. Slamming into the side of spidercat, a yowling tornado of fur, flashing claws, and glowing green eyes violently shoved the attacking animal to the side and onto its back. The attacking feline pinned the spidercat to the ground with a paw tipped with needle-like claws. Staring down into the face of the immobilized animal, a small feline creature announced in bored tones, “Bad kitty! No eating the guests!”

Holding the stare long enough to make sure the arachnid kitty had gotten the message, the small black cat turned back to Fergus. “Obviously, you missed the whole self-defense class for familiars.”

Fergus stood in the middle of floor shaking slightly but still standing in a defiant posture. The action had been too fast and too confusing for anyone to react quickly enough or effectively. He seemed to be somewhat stunned, but not from the attack itself.

“But… but… but you’re a cat!”

“Yeah! Horsey face can see as well as talk.”

The cat started to stroll back to a table toward the rear of the bar. Throwing another comment over its shoulder, the cat said, “My name is Dascha. You are welcome to come with me and meet my witch. Of course, you can take your chances with spidercat when she gets over being blindsided. If so, I hope you can run faster than you did before.”

Fergus shook himself and started out after the black cat with a clatter of small hooves.

“Hey! Wait up. What sort of name is Dascha? So, you have a witch too? Mine is really smart and really pretty. And she gets me pizza! What does yours do?”

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Familiar Shadows is out!

“Meow! You have to be the most rebellious, stupid, idiotic kitten that I have ever had to raise or know!”

“Hiss-hiss! That just says that you’ve made a poor selection ofthe cats that you decide to know. Either that or you always pick complacent stupid cats,” retorted the young cat with flashing green eyes. Her fur was fluffed out, making her look three times the size that she actually was. At this moment, her face was twisted into a threatening snarl, and her fangs were showing.

The older cat, a majestic full-bodied feline with black and gold markings was equally angry. His anger was expressed more in his flattened years and crouched body. The casual observer would’ve thought that they were just seconds away from a full battle. That observer would not have been far from correct.

“All the other cats in our family line have been familiars! You come from a long line of magical cats, strong in their ability to channel, intelligent and brave. Why can you not see that this is the way we are supposed to be? What is it that is not clear to you?” the male flung in a yelling voice.

“Just because you live your life structured with ‘shoulds’ doesn’t mean that everybody has to. You say familiar, but to me, it looks more like a slave!”

“How dare you? No cat of our family has ever been a slave!”

“All I can do is observe how you behave. Nobody ever explains anything. You force every one of us to learn in our own way and so nothing gets carried down. If we really were a family line, then more would be taught, rather than forced on us.”

Crooking her tail overhead with a sharp bend, the small female cat leaped off the small ledge that she had been standing on and stalked out of the small, constructed shed. Carefully, she avoided the ramps and climbing posts that were scattered all over the chamber. With the ease of long familiarity, she avoided looking at any of the dangling feathers and tufts of fur that were there for play.

The last thing she wanted to do was to lose her position, lose her moral advantage, and get distracted by a stuffed mouse.

<< If he tells me one more time what a wonderful line we come from or how magical everyone is, I think I’m going to spit up a hairball! I am so tired of this! Why on earth should I be a slave to some stupid human? >>

The new book in the Standard of Honor Series is out!

Learn how Dascha and Zhanna started their relationship!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Next for the Standard of Honor - Coven Codex! And an Outlier before then!

I am hard at work with the second in the series of Standard of Honor, Coven Codex. I thought you might like to read a little about it  - so here it is. Also look for an Outlier in that series called Familiar Shadows coming out next week!
Coven Codex - Snippet 1
Wham! A pained breath exploded out of Zhanna’s mouth as she slammed into the ground. Before she could even draw one more tortured breath, a boot against her side flipped her over to roll again and again until she crashed against a rock. Despite the pain in her side, the young woman erupted explosively from the ground, shoving off with one hand, while holding a small shield in the other. She was off balance, and out of position as she scrambled to her feet. Gasping for breath, she wrenched her body around to watch the man that was coming after her.

All that could be seen of him were his narrowed eyes over the top of his shield. The rest of his face was concealed behind the shield and his other hand steady on his sword. As he advanced, Zhanna was aware that he was staring at her intently, watching her eyes and aware of her shoulders. An expert swordsman watching for the indicators of potential movement. Feeling like a trapped mouse, Zhanna twitched her body to the left attempting to feint him into a misstep. It didn’t work.

She froze with indecision for a second. WHAM!

Her vision spangled with lights as she was caught from the rear by another assailant. Dammit! She had lost situational awareness. Now her shoulder hurt on top of everything else! << I’ve got to stop thinking in the middle of a battle,>> she thought just before another blow on her shield almost wrenched it out of her arm.

She was on the defensive, pinned between two opponents. What was she going to do!?

<<Move it, girl! >>

The urgency of the yell in her head caused Zhanna to make a dash for position. She chose in a split second and ran, not through the inviting opening between the two men but up the rocks and over. Coming just a split second too late behind her, the young witch heard the sword crashing down onto the rocks.

“Shit!” The roar of an outraged fighter split the air in a snarl of sound.

Zhanna managed a soft chortle as she gasped for air. She crawled and scrambled up the rest of the rocks, finding a position where her back was protected, and where her opponents could not come at her from all sides. Just for this one second, she had the freedom to take a deep breath. That respite was not destined to last for long.

The two men that were attacking her approached her from different directions. They were about 100° apart and the angle was just wide enough so that she couldn’t defend against, or even watch, both of them at the same time. A small quiet part of her, tucked far back in her mind, could appreciate the skill in which they were conducting the attack. The rest of her that was sweaty, aching, and would have bruises from head to toe tomorrow, didn’t find it impressive at all.

The two men seemed to glide across the loose rocks toward her. Surefooted, well-balanced, they made her feel like a gawky child. Telling herself to focus, the witch set her stance and waited.
Her opponents advanced to within 10 feet of her. Staring at her intently for a few seconds, the taller of the two men straightened up and pulled his helm off. It was Stefan, looking oddly pleased.

“Not bad at all,” he said. “Your footwork could use a lot of improvement, but you’re getting better at not thinking in the middle of the fight. We almost had you, but you recovered well and got yourself into a defensible position.”

The second man chimed in, “That roll and scramble actually were really good moves. I was waiting for you to take the opening, which would’ve left you open to attacks on both sides. You are definitely starting to develop instincts in a fight.”

“Thank you, Mikhail. I knew that if it were that easy looking you would’ve had something nasty waiting for me. I just couldn’t think clearly of what else to do so I thought I’d get out from the middle of the two of you.”

Stefan responded, “That’s exactly what battle instinct is, Zhanna. Operating on your training and feelings is far faster than trying to think your way through something in a life or death situation.”
“I know, but it still was very hard not to try to use magic in any of this.”

Mikhail gave a short laugh, and answered her, “The point of this was to teach you how to fight when your magic is worn out. Magic users are very susceptible to exhaustion. When that happens, you have to fall back on your other skills and if you don’t have strong skills in actual weapons use you will be at a significant disadvantage.”

“I understand that and appreciate you guys drilling me on this. The only thing that I would change is…”

“What? What would you change?”

“I wouldn’t have you enjoy beating me with your swords so much.”


Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The First in a New Series

Written in TS Paul's world of the Federal Witch, this book is the first in a series that looks at the magical community in a VERY different part of the world - Russia. Known as mercenaries that work for anyone, anywhere, the Russian witches have been leaderless and bereft for decades. Focused on survival, they are sticklers for contracts and never act outside of the absolute minimum required.

Just surviving is not how some of them want to live. This story starts the tale of Zhanna, a young woman with a vision and goal. Her search for honor and meaning forms the backbone of the series. Her magic and character development shows how the evolution of one person's perception of themselves and others can change a world.

Come and join me for this journey. It will be a wild ride!

 Available on Amazon

Saturday, May 27, 2017

New Book Release! Visit the Badger Hole Bar

I am thrilled to have another cookbook out with the ever-talented TS Paul. This one is a view into a new universe called the Badger Hole Bar, a pocket dimension that is a crossroads for all sorts of aliens and cultures, cuisines and experiences. With the first major book in the series coming out soon, this cookbook is a pleasant tasting sampler of the food that the bar serves. It also has two short stories that introduce you to some of the interesting beings that live, or visit, there.

Look for future cookbooks in this series and tons of stories! It is a wonderful collaboration with the Phoenix Prime people for all books.

Also, look for a snippet about the bar sometime in the next week!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The action is heating up on Shade of Honor, a book written in TS Paul's Federal Witch Universe! As we get closer to the publication date, I thought you might like a new snippet!
“I refuse to accept that as legitimate!”

“That is just the way things are done, Zhanna.”

“You have no honor! Your actions are those of an unthinking and brainless idiot. How can you look at yourself in the mirror in the morning and not want to shun your own behavior?”

“You know damn well that we have kept our families fed and the village maintained. There is no way of making money here, and it is every man for himself.”

“So you prostitute yourself, act like a shlyukha, and try to make it seemed like you have to do it for your family.”

“We do the best we can. Would you have my parents starve? Would you have Igor’s children go without clothing?”

“Krava, I am telling you that there is a different way. There has to be a different way. Our history, our traditions, go beyond what we are doing now. It is like we have lost our way.”

The tall witch grimaced and answered sarcastically, “Until something miraculous happens, Zhanna, we will just have to continue our mercenary ways. I am sorry that you do not approve, but that is the harsh reality. Even now your grandmother has repairs on her home that need to be done. How are you going to pay for that? Your brother is now dead, there is no more money for you or her.”

“I’m certainly not going to be forced into marrying you! That would be a different type of selling, and one that neither of us would enjoy. I would make certain of that.”

<<As would I,>> added a deadly-sounding voice in both witch’s head.

Krava snorted in annoyance. “Of all the witches in our village that it could have gotten a familiar, it 
had to be you, Zhanna. You have no mercenary skills, and we would not allow you to work outside the village anyway. What good is a familiar if you can’t work your magic?”

“Understand me clearly, Krava. I will work where I choose to work, I will do what I choose to do. No one else will tell me what I am allowed or not allowed to do, especially you.”

Infuriated, the bulky man in mercenary garb raised his arm and stepped toward the defiant small woman. Unseen by Krava, the palm of Zhanna’s right hand began to glow a peculiar dull red. She was fully prepared to fight the man who had just proposed to her. His overbearing and bullying ways had bothered her since they were both small children. His attitude and the sense of personal danger she felt when he was around had been the impetus for her immediate and untactful refusal. If she had thought about it, she would’ve known that he would not have taken any refusal well.

Despite how horrible he had been as a snarky little boy, as a man he had gotten worse. Much worse. Every time he had gone away for a job, he came back more like a dictator, like someone who would demand that others perform as he chose. Zhanna knew that even his parents dreaded their son’s homecoming.

When being within a few feet of him made her skin crawl and small hairs to stand up, marriage would be horrible torture. She would find a different way to take care of her grandmother. A way that would leave her with honor and pride, not a shameful sacrifice, a pozornaya zhertva.

Her thoughts had interrupted her movement and distracted her at a dangerous point. Krava’s close-handed blow knocked her off her feet and slammed her into the table. Shaking her head in an attempt to clear it, Zhanna tried to scramble to her feet. She was too focused to feel fear, too intent for indecision.

Drawing a deep breath as she stood up, the young witch started to pull in her energy for a defensive shield. She knew she had a few seconds before Krava would attempt to hurt her again since she knew that he liked to “play” with his victims. Centering herself, Zhanna prepared to fight.

The mercenary witch advanced closer to her with a cruel smile on his face, the light of anticipation in his eyes. That look changed to complete shock when he was rudely interrupted. It wasn’t just Zhanna that had been lost in the moment. Krava had also lost situational awareness. Or perhaps he had just discounted the small black cat.

The familiar.

Bad mistake.

VERY bad mistake.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Shade of Honor - Snippet #2

The new book is coming along well! I am enjoying this world and the interesting things that the story is developing and wanted to share another snippet of it with you. It will be coming in out in about 2 weeks and I hope you will find it enjoyable!

All that Zhanna could hear in the stunned silence was the dripping of water. Water dripping everywhere. Plunk, plunk, plunk. Her hair was plastered to her face, and she reached up a hand to clear her vision. The cavern was now decorated with dripping water, fragments of vegetation, and one very pissed off familiar.

<<Oh, oh! This is going to be bad,>> she thought to herself.

The usually elegant Russian Blue cat looked like a skinny black drowned rat. Her eyes seem to have doubled in size, glaring beams of green flame at the sodden witch. Slowly, ever so slowly, the cat raised first one front paw and shook it, and then the other. A sharp ripping sound started to emanate from its chest, and the familiar appeared to grow in size.

A nimbus of green flame had surrounded the form of the feline before a swirl of invisible wind encircled it. Instead of a 15 pound, normal-looking cat, the creature that stretched and arched its back before deliberately pacing over toward Zhanna was the size of a cat seen last on the Earth a millennium before.

If sabertooth tigers had come in black, this is what they would’ve looked like. Dascha had totally transformed into her alternate shape. Her dense coat had a subtle striping to it with blue, black, and dark gray forming stripes that ran along the body. Easily measuring 12 feet from her nose to the end of her tail, Dascha’s head now came up to Zhanna’s shoulder. What had been a very upset small cat now was a whole lot more infuriated feline.

At last, Dascha found her voice, producing a thundering roar in Zhanna’s head and an earsplitting caterwaul that echoed around the cavern.

<<What on earth were you thinking of? That was not the spell that you were going to try!>>

<<I just wanted to see if it would work. It seemed like it would be a logical thing to do after the spells we been practicing all morning.>>

<<If your goal was to translocate a large body of water up onto that walls, rip vegetation apart, and assaulted me with water, the spell worked. Otherwise, I would say it was some sort of epic failure.>>

<<I am truly sorry, Dascha. I knew I was tired and just wanted to try one more thing.>>

The cat looked around the cavern, noting broken stalactites, translocated fish that were gasping their last breath, and the continued dripping of water. Pinning her green-eyed gaze on her witch, the familiar summed up her opinion succinctly, <<I would say that this one counts as a failure.>>

Softening both her mental tone and audible snarling, the familiar continued,<<Let’s go home, Zhanna. You’re tired, and we will continue another day. After all, such learning is hard to do by yourself.>>

Monday, April 24, 2017

Writing is happening at an increasing speed. Not only do I have releases for the Becoming Sephera series, but the newest book in the Unfettered Mage is in editing. Then, I was invited to write in the world of one of my favorite authors, TS Paul. I will be writing a group of books there about the Russian witches referenced many times by the Federal Witch Series. The first book is titled Shade of Honor. I am loving the book! It is planned for release in two weeks, so stay tuned. 

Just to give you a taste, here is a snippet from that book - 


The desolation was complete. It looked like God had reached out a hand and flattened the entire village. Building walls were toppled, roofs were broken, and the normal structure of their daily village life had been totally destroyed. It would’ve been impossible to determine from the current scene that only a short number of hours before this it been a village of over 4000 people. One teeming with normal life.

Zhanna stood with her hands balled into fists, staring around her. The sick feeling in her stomach was overwhelming. She didn’t know whether to fall to her knees, crying torrents of tears or to scream her rage to the heavens. Stuck between grief and anger, she was frozen.

How could have come to this?

The muted sound of soft sobbing filled her ears, and she turned to her left. Curled protectively around two small children, an older woman in the traditional head covering, or babushka, stared blankly at what remained of her home. It was Baba Marta. Zhanna knew that probably meant that the two crying children were Gregor and Anna, but she couldn’t see for sure. The sound of the children’s soft, frightened sobs told her both that they were alive and kicked off an unconscionable rage.

How could it have come to this?!!!

Zhanna had seen other places where disasters had happened. There was always a bustle of people trying to rescue and repair. Men rushing around, caring stretchers, comforting their families. But all that she could hear and all that she could see was a frozen aftermath of a horrible disaster. There was no bustle, no rescue. No men.

There was the main problem. There were no men in the village right now. They were all out on contract. Without the men’s mercenary work, there would be no food, no shelter. The entire village was dependent on having the best, and the brightest spend huge amounts of time away from their families.

Her dark thoughts were rudely interrupted.

<<I suppose you just going to stand there and look like a thundercloud waiting to mess up a nice day,>> sniped through her thoughts.

She looked down into the brilliant eyes of her cat, her familiar. Dascha stared back at Zhanna with a wicked glint in her eye. The cat was gorgeous. The deepest gray coloring and the black undertone of the fur seem to glow in the sunlight. Almost too dark for a Russian Blue, Dascha looked more like a Russian Black. Looking at her cat, Zhanna felt the blast of astonishment that occurred whenever she thought of how she had ended up with such a beautiful, powerful, impressive familiar.

She must’ve stared too long at the cat because the next thing she knew her ankle was pricked by a set of very sharp claws.

<<Stop staring at me! Aren’t you going to do something useful?>>

<<I was planning on it if you’d stop drawing my blood!>>

<<Well, think faster because standing here until you grow roots isn’t going to help the people that are hurting or bleeding. So, get your act together, girl, and let’s do something useful.>>

Zhanna drew a deep breath and straightened her spine. Forcing a calm look unto her face, the young woman walked toward the older one who was still clutching the crying children, calling out as she walked, “Just a moment, let’s see how you’re doing…”


More to come!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Released - New Cookbook!

The Federal Witch series is one of my favorite guilty pleasures. You can imagine how excited I was about the idea of writing a cookbook in the series. The resulting cookbook is a start of a new type of publication for me. It marks the advent of the combination of recipes and stories where the recipe book itself is the main component. The stories are illustrative of recipe aspects and use.

In this cookbook, the matriarch of the Blackmore family provides a central theme. Marcella is an earth witch, eating primarily vegan or vegetarian meals. The recipes in this cookbook reflect that.

Although there is one recipe in the book that is not based on vegan or vegetarian diets, it is primarily directed at those people that do not eat animal protein. The sole exception is the recipe for the dog and cat treats. This was done deliberately since many animals require a fair amount of concentrated protein for health.

The author of the Federal Witch Series, TS Paul, cheerfully collaborated with me for the cookbook. Both of us contributed recipes and a story, making an interesting blend of culinary and writing styles. It is available on Amazon, both for purchase and for KindleUnlimited.

We hope you enjoy the cookbook and the stories. Look for more of both within the next few weeks.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Another of the stories that readers have been requesting is the prequel series to A Learning Experience. The first book in the series, You Just Go On, is coming along nicely also. It is a dark tale that explains how Sephera came to be the person shown in the published story. It is a dark tale, and not for the faint of heart or spirit. The cover is designed, the editors ready, the writer frantically spinning the whirling gears of her mind...

I will be posting snippets from this book soon. I hope you enjoy the sneak peek!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Cover Reveal for the upcoming book, Fleet of the Mage!

The last chapters of the book are being completed in the next two weeks. Editors and beta readers are all lined up. The book that many of you have been nagging me about in this series will be published in the next week or so. While you're waiting, I thought it would be nice to show you the cover.

This story takes off where the first book in the series, We Are Not Prey, ends. Ruth begins to build her new life on the planet Arkken with her Mage Anchor, Pawlik. It is a time of political unrest and machinations for the planet, and the inhabitants of Borachland Castle find themselves directly in the middle of the chaos and confusion.

Moving ahead with her objective of organizing her inherited fleet into something that offers hope and a sense of purpose to her rescued fellow slaves, Ruth is confronted with the need to create a Space Navy from the ground up.

The changes in her life are daunting, the challenge is immense. How will the unfettered mage fair in this universe and culture so far away from what she is known for her whole life?

Monday, February 20, 2017

The next book in The Unfettered Mage series is in that last portion of production!! Thank you for all of the requests to release the next book. Since we are still a week away, I thought you might like a quick peek into what is coming, even if it is not edited yet!

 “They Shall Not Win!” Once again, the universe seemed to pause for a split second. The two massive spells that had come before were not comparable to the power and passion behind this magical working.

Unanchored for a second, Ruth drew on every fiber of her being, on every stubborn part of her psyche, and poured her love, her anger, and every emotion that railed inside of her into one, massive spell. The heavens splintered and flashing death walked the land. Laser beams of colored lights flashed from watchtower to watchtower, buildings lit up as walls and windows went through some form of transformation. Even paths and roadways seem to be reforming, changing composition and structure.

The hills around the spaceport altered in obedience to the punishing light. Where they had been raw and unfinished-looking hills and mountains, they now appeared to be constructed emplacements. Polished and protected, armored and defended.

The road extended out from the spaceport in pristine splendor. Each side of the road contained a peculiar curb of honeycombed structures. This curb was short and intricately constructed. It formed an unique component to the way that would provide visibility no matter what lighting was available otherwise.

There was something subtly different about the air now inside the spaceport. None of the observers could tell what it was, but the change in feeling, the alteration in odor was significant.

Ruth turned to Drake and extended a shaking hand, her eyes wide and unseeing, her mouth trembling in exhaustion. He caught her up and clutched her next to his chest just as she lost the ability to stand on her own. Her weariness was draining. Even her toes ached. The dread that she had felt with the flash of foreknowledge had curdled the blood in her veins, and she had reacted passionately and emotionally. It had taken a toll that pushed her into exhaustion and close to collapse.

Yanking his gloves off, Drake quickly put both of his bare hands touching Ruth’s skin. The anchor and mage bond snapped into effect with an almost audible connection. Drake felt power pull into them from the surrounding harmonics of the planet of his birth, transmute to an energy form that then was pushed into his mage. He could see the color in her cheeks returning, the deep-seated exhaustion around her eyes dissipating. Her sagging exhaustion changed into a strong hug, both thanking him for the recovery and expressing affection.

They stood there entwined for a few moments before Ruth took a deep breath and straightened her spine to face what she had done.

They were surrounded by staring eyes and gaped mouths. Marine, workman, bodyguards. No one said a word. Drake could feel Ruth’s trembling as she tried to pull herself together. Staying within his supportive arms, she rotated in place and looked out at the spaceport.


Working hard, coming soon! Taki

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Coming up soon! 

Next Adult Coloring book in the Color Harbor Series will be released soon!! I am so very pleased to announce that the next coloring book is in QA. Look for it on the 24th, just in time for some serious relaxation over the weekend!
Here is a sneak peek at the cover!

Friday, February 10, 2017

I am very honored and pleased to have been included in the Phoenix Prime group which is currently busily stretching and changing the way that I have written my whole life. The program is a Ph.D. level 4-month long, intensive education into the core business of writing. It addresses not only how productive we are but all aspects of the business of being a writer. Directed at the indie author, this program has already seen members of the group quadruple their daily production, learn how to analyze the emotional content of the writing, and begin to understand some of the legal exposures of the career that we wish to succeed at. It is exhilarating, exhausting, and mind blowing! When you want to do something so badly that you get up in the middle of the night to write down ideas, when you forget to eat or drink for hours because you're creating a world to share, a dedication to your craft and to its reception becomes a driving force in your life. That is what the participants in the Phoenix Prime program are experiencing. The program is aptly named. Surviving this course will be difficult and rewarding. We will have come through fire and ash to rise again as stronger and better writers. More confident, better equipped, and more aware. Be kind to all of us in the Phoenix Prime program. We are fueled by coffee, slavishly attached to our laptops, and finding out just how unnecessary sleep might be. Look for a large number of publications from our group over the next few months. This will give you a view on the progress that we make before we can rise up and fly.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Thrilled to be in this Anthology!

I am so pleased that one of my stories was selected for this anthology. Even more pleased that I will have the opportunity to be in the next one also. This editor, Craig Martelle, is an awesome author and editor, full of fun and amazing detail!

See the video here!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

We Are Not Prey - Next book in process!!

I thoroughly enjoyed writing We Are Not Prey. That is a strange thing to say about something that felt like it was ripped out of your heart, but it is nonetheless true. The sequel is in process and I will be posting a few snippets here while it is completing. Thanks to those of you that left reviews on the book and a big thanks to you that were kind enough to drop me a note!