Books, Books and More Books!!

Books, Books and More Books!!
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Friday, February 10, 2017

I am very honored and pleased to have been included in the Phoenix Prime group which is currently busily stretching and changing the way that I have written my whole life. The program is a Ph.D. level 4-month long, intensive education into the core business of writing. It addresses not only how productive we are but all aspects of the business of being a writer. Directed at the indie author, this program has already seen members of the group quadruple their daily production, learn how to analyze the emotional content of the writing, and begin to understand some of the legal exposures of the career that we wish to succeed at. It is exhilarating, exhausting, and mind blowing! When you want to do something so badly that you get up in the middle of the night to write down ideas, when you forget to eat or drink for hours because you're creating a world to share, a dedication to your craft and to its reception becomes a driving force in your life. That is what the participants in the Phoenix Prime program are experiencing. The program is aptly named. Surviving this course will be difficult and rewarding. We will have come through fire and ash to rise again as stronger and better writers. More confident, better equipped, and more aware. Be kind to all of us in the Phoenix Prime program. We are fueled by coffee, slavishly attached to our laptops, and finding out just how unnecessary sleep might be. Look for a large number of publications from our group over the next few months. This will give you a view on the progress that we make before we can rise up and fly.

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