Books, Books and More Books!!

Books, Books and More Books!!
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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Packed Schedule, but exciting!

This year, all of the Phoenix Prime authors are trying to create merchandise that represents aspects of our publications. I was at a bit of a loss but came up with a few things that I would buy because they remind me of the book. As a STEM professional and as a writer, I am always drinking coffee, tea, and water. So it seemed reasonable that I would create mugs.

Because of the Badger Hole Bar, I did a coffee mug and a beer mug. And since I hate wet desktops, I did coasters. It was an exercise in art, which is NOT my strong suit. However, I found it fun and am beginning to think that this 'publish a book - give people options for cool stuff' idea might not be so bad after all!

Tell me what you think, please! Remember though, I am NOT AN ARTIST.

BHB Mug!
I know that it is silly, but the first thing I did was to go buy them. At this rate, I will have lots of mugs by the end of the year! The BHB is projected to have LOTS of books per year for the next few.

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