Books, Books and More Books!!

Books, Books and More Books!!
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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The Next Adventure for Zhanna and Dascha has Published!

Everything has consequences. Traveling the difficult path that she has chosen has gotten Zhanna into many sticky situations. In each, she has managed to stay true to herself and honor the promises made to others.

Unfortunately, that road has led her to a place of sacrifice. What do you do when the road home is closed to you? That is the heartbreaking challenge for Zhanna. It is a good thing that she has the love and support of her Familiar, Dascha. 

Walk a new path with the Russian Witch. See how her belief that honor is the guide for life stands the test of loss and change. Travel the Road to Honor at her side.

Now on sale at Amazon!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Thrilled and Excited, Scared and Writing Like Crazy

The Wenebojo project has started its Kickstarter. The new service is due to launch in the next month and I am so excited that it feels like Christmas when I was a kid!

Any time that something new and different appears, there are those that shy away from it because it is strange, while others see the potential and embrace it. This is one of those disruptive sorts of things.

It may not sound like much, a streaming service that provides storytelling, but to me, it is something more powerful. I have so many people in my life that this would affect, so many that would find joy in this, that I have become a believer.

I have friends that are aging and cannot read my stories because of poor eyesight. Others that cannot listen to television or audiobooks because their hearing is spotty. This will let all of them experience the tales that I and other authors burn to tell them.

I have children in my extended family that are autistic or suffer from learning disabilities that cause them challenges that prevent them from reading easily. Others that have been ill-served by educational systems that have failed to help them find the wonders in reading for enjoyment.

Many of my friends are educators and scramble to find resources to expand the horizons of the children in their classes on shrinking budgets and crowded conditions. My donations to their supply budgets go only so far, and I wish I could do more.

Finally, I can. Wenebojo will provide that "more" and it is coming soon. My stories and hundreds of tales from my fellow authors will be available on the service that will launch before the end of the year.

I have 11 stories, including two books in the initial launch. More will be done each month, released each week as they are completed. Wenebojo has more than 1800 episodes in the pipeline, with more than 250 being added each month. It is exciting and daunting.

The wave of stories will grow and grow, providing a bigger library for our fans, for children, for the elderly that have been condemned to the loss of their beloved reading. It is even adding in extensive ASL during the first part of 2019 and multiple languages during the latter parts of 2019 so that more can be included in the community.

The community of imagination.

There are many people involved in Wenebojo. Writers, editors, beta readers, and so on. Quality controls are rigorous and it puts me on my toes to deliver the best stories that I can.

The challenge is welcome. I am motivated to rise to it and take pride in what I am producing. Getting better each day is its own reward to me, but I see it in the comments from my readers, their reactions to the products of my mind.

It is not just me and my fellow authors that can see this vision. Others have joined in, both as organizations and as individuals. Serious players in the worldwide stage are involved. IBM has made Wenebojo the inaugural application of its worldwide offering on the mainframe cloud. This represents a huge investment on their part and is part of the terrifying aspect, at least for me.

There are even universities that are putting their resources behind it, incorporating the quality standards established by Wenebojo into their curriculum and training their students in the skills that make such a comprehensive endeavor work.

If you are so inclined, consider backing the Kickstarter project. It just started and is gathering people for early access and feedback into how it will better serve those that love stories and storytelling.

I look forward to my stories traveling the world, finding readers in walks of life that might never have experienced them otherwise. Even more, something in my soul is touched by knowing that my elderly aunt will finally be able to experience the stories that she has missed for a decade due to poor sight.

Do you know someone like her?

Thursday, October 11, 2018

A Standard of Honor Story - The Childhood of the Blagogarsk Seer

The book, Floating in Time, has just been published on Amazon. It tells some of the background of the Seer that would later mentor Zhanna.

I hope you will both enjoy it and pick some of the threads that will give you more understanding of the upcoming book, Road to Honor.

Road to Honor is in its final polish, and Fleet Genesis is cruising along behind!

An Unfettered Mage Story in a Halloween Anthology

I decided to include a short story in the Phoenix Prime Anthology, Tricky Treats. What could go wrong with a story about a little boy's wish to dress up for Halloween? After all, he misses his old life, his mother, and brother.

So loving Grandma, Mage Ruth, decides to make that wish come true. Easy right?


First of all, the story was supposed to be 3-5K words long. I could not tell the story in that small a canvas. So the tale grew. And grew. Finally, it had stretched to a small novel length of 12K+.

Oops. But I had promised to put it in the little anthology. So there it is for those that are going thru withdrawal.

Let me know what you think if you get a chance to read it! The story is Traditions of Childhood, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Look for the next Unfettered Mage story soon!