Books, Books and More Books!!

Books, Books and More Books!!
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Friday, October 25, 2019

My short stories are on both Wenebojo and in Halloween Anthologies!

I really appreciate the fact that I have some of my short stories going up on the bookcast streaming service, Wenebojo. I had two episodes of Traditions of Childhood, from the Unfettered Mage series that were free for a day, and all of my stories that are in the three Halloween anthologies being rolled out within a month.

Being part of something that makes stories more accessible to people, irrespective of their ability to read quickly or challenges they might have hearing and seeing, is very rewarding.

I hope you have time to visit I know that my readers that have signed up for the subscription service are delighted with it. Many of them have children or grandchildren and the license that allows four users at a time is very cost-effective for them.

We have been told that there will continue to be a free episode available leading up to Thanksgiving in the US. Instead of only having one day to experience the bookcast episode, the November-featured episodes and authors will be changed every other day.

Here is the video that Wenebojo just published and if you would like to see the anthologies, they are available on Amazon. They are Tricky Treats, Haunted Hearts, and Treated to Tricks.


Monday, October 7, 2019

A Special Trick or Treat Story from Life's Garden in a new Phoenix Prime anthology

In plenty of time to enjoy before Halloween, the Phoenix Prime group has published a new anthology called Treated to Tricks. I am pleased to say that my story, Everyone Loves Halloween, is in there.

The stories that I write about contemporary life have been scattered among a large number of anthologies over the last few years. Later this year, I will be publishing a compendium of those for easy reading.

I hope that this tale is one of your favorite treats this Halloween. Look for a few more this month from me, as I get closer to finishing Unfamiliar Pathways!

The anthology is available on Amazon and Amazon KU, and if you wish to learn more about it and the other great stories it contains, you can click to the page on this link.

A New Unfettered Mage Story

Traditions of Childhood is a standalone story in the Unfettered Mage series that takes place around the time of  Mage and Mate. I loved writing this tale about how traditions and ceremony to help anchor people in a new home.

Of course, not is all that it seems in what starts out as a loving gesture from a grandmother to her grandchildren. I hope that you will enjoy it!

The book is available on Amazon and Amazon KU. To see more of it, click here.