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Monday, May 11, 2020

Slightly Tardy Sunday Snippet - Oops!

Sorry, but I lost track of time!! I was so busy writing that I did not realize that Sunday was over. Baaaaddddd Taki!! No cookie for you! 

Anyway, here is the snippet from UnFamiliar Pathways. It will probably be the last one before the book is published since I am in the home stretch! Hope this is fun and interesting for you!

Remember - this is not edited!!! (I am not sure why I keep telling you that, because people send me notes on proposed changes even though I put that disclaimer in. Oh well, I am focusing on finishing this one and then the next two this month in the other series!

-------------------- FAMM UP Snippet 07 ------------------------
The second wave of foul odors and bloody images began to pummel Dochin, each one a blow to her heart and spirit. Over and over again, what she saw reinforced the message that there was no way to save everyone. There would be no rescue party for Bolormaa’s adopted country.

Dochin felt her consciousness begin to fray and fought against the dissolution of her core identity. Let me at least let people know what is coming! she thought to herself. If I warn them, maybe some of them will survive! Perhaps, even if this comes to pass, there might be a possibility that later on, the Blood Mages can be defeated.

Lightning strikes erupted so abruptly that Dochin’s eyes flashed with spots of light and shadow. From the startled exclamations of her apprentices, the old Seer knew that at least part of the display that stunned her ears and disoriented her Sight was occurring on the material plane. The display over the Tsagiin Gol was even more impressive as eldritch spears of jagged light glowing in neon colors splashed from one side to the other of the river. Carried in its luminous wake came loud claps of shattering noise that slashed her ears with blades of pain.

A swirl of windrows above the surface of the River of Time, pulling the heavy smell of ozone and the press of dank air away from Dochin’s avatar. Gasping to draw the fresher air into her immaterial lungs, the Seer watched in amazement as the waterspout created a dry space that went all the way to the bottom of the river bed. Cutting through layers of time, the force created a cofferdam, isolating a protected area for the old Seer to stand.

The misty representation of Dochin inside her vision stood on shaking legs, gasping and exhausted. There was no place to rest, and the woman did not feel comfortable sitting in the muck that covered the river bottom.

There must be some reason that this is occurring, Dochin thought to herself. What am I supposed to have learned or gleaned from this? Covertly scanning her surroundings, the old Seer began to circle the protected area, looking for clues or anything that would help her make sense of what was going on.

The variety of items that were stuck in the muck was amazing, and Dochin had to remind herself that this was not an archaeological dig. Instead, it was a rare opportunity to find something that would help alleviate what appeared to be an inevitable disaster.

About halfway around the circle, the old woman noticed a strange configuration drawn in the slimy mud that covered the entire surface. She recognized the five-point radial form of the structure of a pentacle, even though it was not depicted in the usual fashion. She leaned a little closer to inspect it and realized that it was emitting a barely discernible glow.

Unsure if the illumination was innate or an accent to draw her attention, Dochin stepped even closer to the drawing. That step triggered some sort of response as the image began to glow brighter. The fascinated Seer noticed that there were glyphs drawn at each point of the pentagram.

Her intuition flashed, and she recited aloud in the singsong cadence that she had used to memorize many of the facts that her teacher demanded of her. “Mage, Witch, Wizard, Priest, and Sorcerer. The five forms of magic users. All with different affinities and skills. Aligned together, it could be a solution to many problems.”

How can I interpret this? Am I deluding myself? Or is this some sign from the Universe or some unnamed gods on what can help? Dochin was confused and filled her mind skittering around her skull like it was a rat trying to escape the trap.

As she stared blindly at the pentagram and the glyphs, blood welled up from the riverbed and covered the entire drawing. Dochin cried aloud, even knowing that her apprentices would hear her. The remembered agony of sacrifice wound its way through her voice as she called out to the heavens, “There will be sacrifices in great pain. Losses will rip families and friends apart, unable to be filled or forgotten. However, there will be an escape for some and the hope of tomorrow.”

Darkness descended like a heavy curtain, stealing Dochin’s sight and leaving her gasping for air. As her consciousness left, the elderly Seer thought, Have Gambol and Chimeg heard enough to warn people, if I never wake again?

There was a swirl of smell and pain. The immaterial waters of the River of Time closed over Dochin’s head and filled her lungs. For a split second, the old woman resisted before relaxing and accepting her fate. She thought to herself, If I am meant to die now, hopefully, it will not be in vain.

Darkness blanketed everything.
---------------------------------FAMM UP Snippet 07------------

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